Adveco Design & Prefabrication For Heating & Hot Water

Unlock your building’s potential with a modern, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable heating & hot water system in a Packaged Plant Room. Prefabricated off-site and delivered ready for easy and rapid installation, these bespoke and pre-sized systems can be configured for electric, gas or hybrid heating and hot water.

Gain an advantage through offsite construction with packaged plant room design and manufacture.

The advantages of adopting offsite pre-fabrication as part of your project

Increase teaching spaces in schools, add rooms to a hotel or extend workspaces. By relocating essential building services into an external packaged plant room, valuable internal areas can be released. Adveco will size, design, and manufacture weatherproof GRP enclosures suitable for placement beside or on a building’s flat roof.

Locating all production work offsite means the plant room element of a project can progress at the same time as other groundworks or site installations. Should there be forced downtime on-site, as faced during the pandemic, assembly work at Adveco will continue as planned. The entire system is delivered in single, robust GRP housing.

With a controlled, purpose-made factory environment and deep product knowledge, Adveco’s offsite construction facilities provide enhanced quality control with manufacturer assured standards. Without distractions from other typical construction site activities, we can ensure your plant room work is more rapidly progressed.

As the plant room arrives with all appliances, controls and ancillaries pre-fitted and connected – using stainless steel (heating) or copper (Domestic Hot Water) crimp pipework as standard – there is no need for extended plumbing and electrical installation by specialist contractors which is both cost-effective and, safer for all working on site.

What Adveco can do for you

  • Bespoke design and build
  • Comprehensive CAD and BIM modelling services available on request
  • Reinforced GRP enclosures with a steel base and checkerplate floor
  • All appliances and ancillaries are pre-fitted and connected
  • Stainless steel (heating) or copper (DHW) crimp pipework as standard
  • Branded valves and ancillaries available on request
  • Optional appliance and pipework insulation
  • All certification supplied, plus framed valve charts and schematics
  • Adveco offers final commissioning services
  • Manufacturer’s warranty servicing for commissioned appliances
  • Consulted within 48 hours of enquiring
  • Request an application design consultation

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Adveco – Expertly Engineered For You

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Struggling With Modernisation?

Creating a modern, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable hot water & heating system is not just advantageous, it is increasingly becoming a demand as the United Kingdom transitions towards a more environmentally friendly Net-Zero nation by 2050.

This process of modernisation is not necessarily straightforward for some sites. They may be limited in terms of existing plant room space, or in the case of much older buildings, have no dedicated plant room space at all. Other sites may face limitations in terms of when work can actually be carried out on site. If a works window is especially narrow it can preclude larger scale project work.

Packaged Plant Room

Expertly Engineered For You

Adveco combines deep engineering understanding, with a wide product offering and experience in full system design, to provide a single source of supply for the delivery of complete Packaged Plant Rooms containing heating and hot water systems tailored precisely to fit the specific needs of a project.

Working with Adveco helps you achieve timely project delivery through proper coordination of application design, securing of equipment and controls and post-installation commissioning works.

Packaged Plant Room

Adveco – Expertly Engineered For You

Request a Package Plant Room application design consultation for Heating and Hot Water. And for more information download our FREE handbook.